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La cueva de Salamanca (1610-1615), Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra


This entremés (a short, one-act play) takes place in two locations: in the house and out in the street.


There is not much required to stage this short and lively play. The interior locations are mostly described by the characters and so it will be fairly clear where they are, even if no set at all is used. Mention is made of a generous hamper full of food and drink, from which the guests feast. There is one scene that takes place outside, when the carriage in which Leoniso and Pancracio are riding loses a wheel.  However, so long as the stage is clear of the other characters when these two come on to comment on the damage, it should be apparent they are in a new location. When the scene returns to the house, the sexton plays the guitar, and has tied up his church robes at the waist. The student needs to be able to come in from another room in the house, for when he appears he has straw in his hair and apparently has been hiding in the hayloft. The student drinks from a wine bottle that came from the hamper.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
4 males 5 males
2 females 2 females
6 (total) 7 (total)
  • PANCRACIO, Leonarda’s husband
  • CRISTINA, Serving-maid
  • STUDENT, Dressed in poor travelling clothes
  • SEXTON, In his church robes
  • LEONISO, Friend of Pancracio, could be played by the same actor as the Sexton, Barber or Student

Entry written by Kathleen Jeffs. Last updated on 25 February 2011.

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