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El vergonzoso en palacio (1606-1612), Tirso de Molina

English title: The Bashful Man at Court
Date written: sometime between 1606 and 1612
First publication date: 1624

A classic marriage comedy at heart, this play also contains some of Tirso's strongest female characters, and (like Lope's "El perro del hortelano") explores the power of love to break down the rigid divisions between social classes.


Mireno, a shepherd with worldly ambitions, sets out to follow his dreams, accompanied by his trusty servant Tarso. Posing as a courtier, he takes up a position in the Duke's court, where he falls in love with Madalena. Meanwhile, Antonio stops by the court in secret, and falls for Madalena's sister, Serafina. Both women are promised to other men, but end up giving themselves to their respective suitors. In the end it is revealed that Mireno is actually the son of an exiled Duke, and is therefore worthy to marry Madalena.

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