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Margarita Xirgu

Margarita Xirgu (1888-1969) was a highly-successful Catalan director and actress who starred in some of the most significant stage productions of her day. A close friend of Federico García Lorca, she was forced into exile in South America during Franco’s regime in Spain. There, she also enjoyed great success and popularity as an actress. She was the godmother of the Argentine-Spanish playwright, Ana Diosdado. Maria Delgado provides an extremely informative account and analysis of Margarita Xirgu's work in Spain and Latin America in Chapter 1 of her book 'Other' Spanish Theatres.

  • Delgado, Maria M. 2003. ‘Other’ Spanish Theatres: Erasure and Inscription on the Twentieth-Century Spanish Stage. New York; Manchester, Palgrave; Manchester University Press

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