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Mujeres en la cornisa (c.2001), Juan Mayorga Ruano

English title: Women on the Ledge
Date written: c. 2001
First publication date: 2001
First production date: 2004
Keywords: women, love > relationships, love > friendship

The world looks a lot different from on high.


On a ledge of an apartment building, three women come together to watch the sunrise. Two of them have been doing this regularly and, on the night of the play, a third woman joins them for the first time. She has been promising to do this for a while, but marital problems always seem to get in the way. Now, she sees for herself the impressive view they have from the high ledge. The three women comment on the nocturnal comings and goings down below. Their vantage point on the ledge helps them put their own problems into perspective. Gradually, as the light comes up, they marvel at the sunrise and the sights and sounds of morning. At dawn, the three women go their separate ways, returning to the highs and lows of their own lives.

  • Mayorga, Juan. 2001. ‘Mujeres en la cornisa’. In Teatro para minutos. Madrid, Ñaque

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