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La lengua en pedazos (c.2010), Juan Mayorga Ruano

English title:
Date written: c. 2010
First publication date: 2010
First production date: 2012
•A guide to knowing the unknowable and speaking the unspeakable. •A glimpse into the past from the perspective of the present. •A lesson in language, listening and love. •A duel between doubt and conviction. •A believable fictitious encounter. •A kitchen table conversation. •A meeting of minds.
• A woman gives up her possessions for a life of austerity in a new home. She’s not alone. A small group of like-minded women join her. One day, a visitor arrives. He knows all about her. They talk. He questions her. She replies. He doesn’t believe her. She doubts herself. How will it end? ~ • The year is 1562, or is it 2017? The woman is 47, or is she timeless? She is a nun, or is she anyone? He is an inquisitor, or is he an investigator? Many questions. Who has the answers? Sometimes words aren’t enough. ~ • Two people chop onions in a kitchen. They talk. He asks questions. She answers. He doesn’t understand. Why not? Who are they? Why are they there? What do they talk about? Life, love, language.
Inspired by Teresa of Avila's Libro de la vida
Critical response
Spanish National Dramatic Literature Award 2013
Further information
La lengua en pedazos was Mayorga's directorial debut. His theatre company La loca de la casa is named in honour of Teresa of Avila to whom the phrase la imaginacion es la loca de la casa is attributed.

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