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Ignacio y Maria (c.2001), Nara Mansur

English title: Ignacio and Maria
Date written: c. 2001
First publication date: 2003
Keywords: violence > suicide, identity, history > change/revolution, history > memory, ideology > politics, love > relationships, love > desire, ideology > politics

Lovers separated by geographical distance between Havana and Santiago in Chile navigate a world of dreams, desires, private and collective memory in this heady and immersive theatrical experience.


The two actors on stage embody the protagonists named in the title: Ignacio and María. The narrative of the drama indicates separation, exile and a relationship between a man and a woman; Maria is in Havana and Ignacio is in Santiago, Chile.  At times the couple are in dialogue with each other, and at others, their speeches are directed towards unknown interlocutors, or to the audience. Concrete events are referred to in the play, such as Maria’s abortion, and her suicide however, these are de-contextualised and are juxtaposed with more abstract and lyrical speeches or episodes.

Critical response

Ignacio y Maria was a finalist for the Virgilio Piñera prize in 2001.

  • Mansur, Nara. 2003. Teatro cubano actual. Havana, Ediciones Alarcos

Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 19 June 2012.

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