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El lado oeste del Golden Gate (2008), Pablo Iglesias Simón

English title: The West Side of the Golden Gate
Date written: 2008
First publication date: 2009
First production date: 2009

We are what we make, especially what we make to change what we are ...


A broken marriage risks its future in an uncertain toast to life and death. An uninspired writer finds an abandoned notebook containing an unfinished story. A retired magician receives a strange letter that promises to give him back what he once loved in return for a simple assignment. A young couple with no future rehearses a play to be released in an impossible deadline. Man and wife will try unsuccessfully to reconcile the unintended effects of the fatal decision. The writer will travel to where the story began, only to find out that what is written in the notebook is something she does not want to acknowledge she has lived. The former illusionist will be unable to fulfill the assignment, perhaps for fear of what he will receive in return. The young couple, trapped in a past that perhaps never was, will struggle to represent their contradictory characters. The vicissitudes of all of them will be intermingled in a universe where reality, fiction and magic are superposed, and uncertainty replaces chance and fate. On one side of the Golden Gate lies, perhaps, the solution to all their conflicts.

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Finalist of the XXXIII Born Award 2008

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Entry submitted by Pablo_Iglesias on 18 February 2011 and last updated by Gwynneth Dowling on 8 March 2011

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