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El censo (c.1957), Emilio Carballido


This is a one act play.


A poor lodging converted into a sewing workshop. The lodging is also used as a bedroom. In the background, there is a lumpy mattress with a very tacky golden frame, a worn handmade quilt, and embroidered cushions. Above it, on a shelf, sits an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe surrounded by candlesticks. There are four sewing machines. There is a wardrobe with cheap mirrors that distort the image of whoever looks in them. There is a big clock on the bedside table.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
2 males 2 males
4 females 4 females
6 (total) 6 (total)
  • REMEDIOS,  upper class customer of tailor
  • DORA, seamstress
  • HERLINDA, seamstress
  • CONCHA, seamstress, working class
  • CENSUS TAKER, young man
  • PACO, Dora’s husband

Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 8 August 2011.

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