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Edgar Chías

Personal information
Surname: Chías
First name: Edgar
Born: 1973, Mexico City, Mexico

Edgar Chias is a playwright, actor, theatre critic and translator and was a member of the Royal Court Writers Group in Mexico City. A reading of On Insomnia and Midnight took place as part of ARENA MEXICO in January 2006.


Chías’s work is concerned with violence in all its manifestations, at the level of individual relationships as well as at the level of society.  He examines the struggle for power between social classes, between men and women, between Europe and Latin America, while observing how humans are compelled to play the roles assigned to them by their social and geographical contexts.


Edgar Chías’s drama is lyrical and oneiric and does not concern itself with a concrete or literal Mexican reality.  Critics have remarked on the universalist style of of Chías’s writing, citing film directors such as David Lynch as influences on his work.

Plays in the database
Other works
  • Chías, Edgar. 2000. ¿Último round? (Last Round) (in Spanish)

  • Chías, Edgar. 2001. Circo para bobos ( Circus for Fools) (in Spanish)

Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 9 August 2011.

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