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Animales nocturnos (2001-2003), Juan Mayorga Ruano

Productions in Spanish

Animales nocturnos (Sergi Belbel i Coslado)

Director: Sergi Belbel i Coslado
Dates: November 2003
Venue: Sala Guindalera
Location: Madrid, Spain

Animales nocturnos (Gabriel García Márquez)

Director: Gabriel García Márquez
Dates: July 2005
Venue: Sala Beckett
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Critical response

In her review of the production, Begoña Barrena was impressed by the casting. She remarked that the physical appearance, perfect accent and cultured demeanour of Tall Man in no way marked him out to be an illegal immigrant (Barrena 2005).

  • Barrena, Begoña. 2005. ‘Político y poético: Animales nocturnos’, El País, 10 July (in Spanish)

Animales nocturnos (Luis Sánchez)

Director: Luis Sánchez
Dates: May 2009
Venue: Teatro Lagrada
Location: Madrid, Spain

Productions in English

Nocturnal (Pablo Iglesias Simón)

Director: Pablo Iglesias Simón
Based on translation: Nocturnal by David Johnston
Dates: from April 2009 to May 2009
Venue: Gate Theatre
Location: London, United Kingdom
Further information

This production was notable for its scenography. Each scene was followed by a short vignette during  which the television show for insomniacs was displayed on a screen for the audience.

Nocturnal (Jacopo Gassman)

Director: Jacopo Gassman
Based on translation: Nocturnal by David Johnston
Dates: from 7 July 2011 to 16 July 2011
Venue: John Gielgud Theatre
Location: London, United Kingdom

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 18 November 2010.

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