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Last nameFirst nameDate of birthCountry
Tirso de Molina 1579 Spain
Sastre Salvador Alfonso 1926 Spain
Alegría Alonso 1940 Chile
Menén Desleal Álvaro 1931 El Salvador
Caro Ana c.1600 Spain
Diosdado Ana 1938 Argentina
Istarú Ana 1960 Costa Rica
Buero Vallejo Antonio 1916 Spain
Gala Velasco Antonio 1936 Spain
Discépolo Armando 1887 Argentina

Records submitted by our users

Last nameFirst nameDate of birthCountry
González Melo Abel 1980 Cuba
de Azevedo Angela c.1600 Portugal
Morcillo López Antonio 1968 Spain
Tabares Antonio 1973 Spain
Cabal Riera Fermín 1948 Spain
de Dios López Javier 1966 Spain
Heras González Juan ? {Unspecified}
Salvatierra Juan Alberto ? {Unspecified}
Rubio Juan Carlos 1967 Spain
Víllora Gallardo Pedro 1968 Spain
Berardi Rosanna 1990 United States
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